About Us

Promoting A Cleaner World

Soon Ngai Engineering Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1982 to cater to the business development of the water treatment industry. Through the years, with growing awareness and technological capabilities, we have performed extensive designs on various types of quality water treatment systems, and have developed a comprehensive range of services for general engineering works and subcontracting works in the commercial and begin with waste water treatment. We have also the expertise to execute mechanical and electrical works that are crucial in all modern water systems. Our philosophy of meeting customers' needs through advanced innovations and quality services ensures our customers full value for their money and has made us the cutting edge in the business.

Our Promise Of Purity

  • Challenge
    We prepare to face the most demanding needs of the industry. Every challenge for us is an exciting opportunity to create something absolutely new and fresh.
  • Efficiency
    We will provide the best quality services and products, coupled with fast consultation. This is the highest level of commitment that we offer our customers to help raise their own standard of performance.
  • Sincerity
    We are honest and fair in all aspects of our works. Through our active and professional articipation, we can deliver the best result and the low cost margin that our customers' expect.

Water Solutions

As one of the pioneers in the water treatment industry, we provide a complete spectrum of leading edge technologies for large-scale pure water treatment systems. We are acknowledged as an industry leader that caters for premium quality ultra-pure water, which represents the ultimate criteria for zero defect in our client requirement.

With the expertise of our management and supervision team, we have successfully completed almost 100 prominent projects in different countries in South East Asia .

Today, our company operates many water treatment plants, which have been internally planned and designed by our engineers and supported by more than 20 years experience in the industry. Our expertise to reliase your needs for any kind of water treatment, and provide technological flexibility to conform to the local industrial and environmental guidelines.


We strive to meet all our customer needs by staying ahead in terms of concepts and innovative ideas. Our emphasis on constant innovation helps us to upgrade our water treatment equipment and makes the system ideal for today's needs.

Besides, we station our engineers and skilled personnels in customer plants to supervise operations and provide hands-on training on sophisticated equipment. Our abilities to meet the changing needs of our valued customers and their business, as well as dedication to quality and determination to provide the purest water have made us a leader in the industry.

Design & Planning

We have accumulated invaluable experience in the past 20 years for conceptualising, planning and implementing systems according to our client individual requirement.

Our Planning & Design division consists of personnels who specialize in ultra-pure water, commissioning and maintenance. The team work hand in hand with our clients by taking them through all the options available, which will help them to make their decisions.

Our target is to develop your needs into new and complete idea that ultimately ensures a smooth process for everyone right up to final implementation. When you combine the expertise of our professionals with top quality engineering, you will get reliable answers to suit your requirements and better results for your water treatment.

We can provide highly functional equipment and engineering system such as:

  • Raw Water Treatment Plant
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Media Filter
  • De-Chlorination Filter
  • Water Softener
  • Mixed-Bed DI System
  • Twin-Bed DI System
  • Reverse Osmosis System
  • EDI
  • UV Steriliser
  • Vacuum / Thermal Deaerator
  • Surface Aerator
  • Scrubber System
  • PP, PVC, PE, GI, SS and PVDF Piping
  • Instrument and Equipment

Clear Ingenuity

We also provide comprehensive range of piping installation and modification, mechanical engineering and media / ion exchange and resin replacement.

Water System

We go out of our way to provide you the purest, as physically close to water purest existence - H2O. Hence, we are committed to constantly assist, support and enhance your productivity. As a major supplier of a broad range of high quality equipment, we can ensure a system that meets with our customer broad variety of needs.

You can count on our expertise, experience and equipment to produce water that measures up to your highest criteria.